This document is intentionally designed only as an introduction to the sport of scuba diving, not as an instructional text. This introductory guide is intended to be used as a reference under the strict guidance and supervision of a certified A.D.S. International (Association of Diving School International) Instructor.
A.D.S. International strictly prohibits the simulation of any of the diving activities and exercises described within this document without the consent of a certified A.D.S. International instructor. Failure to consult with a certified A.D.S. International instructor before diving may result in damage to body and / or gear, or death.
A.D.S. International considers the use of this document as the sole source of information, in regard to scuba diving, without professional guidance of a certified A.D.S. International instructor, as blatant misuse of this document.
The Association of Diving School International hereby assumes no responsibility whatsoever, for any damage to or loss of equipment, injury to persons, or loss of life due to the misuse of this document.
Reproduction, alteration, or unauthorized distribution of this document without the expressed written permission of A.D.S. International is strictly prohibited. All rights are reserved by A.D.S. International.