The mask is the most important piece of equipment in skin diving. The mask allows a diver to see clearly underwater. Without this, vision underwater would be blurred. Also, exposing the eyes directly to water, especially salt water, is quite uncomfortable.


Fit the mask comfortably on your face, covering your eyes and nose, and inhale through your nose. If you feel suction and the mask clings to your face, you have a good fit. You should have a good seal and the mask should be water tight.
A softer skirt on the mask is recommended since these are more comfortable and tends not to leave indentions on your face, but also not too soft. A skirt which is too soft brings difficulty as these tend to crumple underwater. Divers today prefer to use colored silicon masks, which are more durable and fashionable than a rubber mask.
Make sure that the lens is made of tempered glass since durability is an important factor, especially in deeper waters.


Although objects tend to look bigger and closer underwater, corrective lenses are available for your mask.
Consult your instructor regarding this matter.

1. The lens of a new mask should be washed with liquid soap to remove the protective oil or wax to keep the lens from becoming misted when in use. Used masks may also get misted with the temperature differences underwater so it may be a good idea to wash out the mask before each use. Specialized mask defoggers, liquid detergents, tobacco or even saliva may be used. Rub the inner part of the lens with whatever you're using, then wash it off thoroughly before using.
2. Set the mask properly on your face and adjust the straps accordingly. Remove any loose strands of hair that may be still in the skirt of the mask. This causes water to leak into the mask. Divers with moustaches will also encounter this problem.
3. Select the correct mask with the proper fit. Swim in a horizontal position with your face in the water. While this swimming position prevents you from breathing normally and makes it difficult to raise your head above water to take in fresh air, this can be remedied by using a snorkel.